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I have over 40 years of antenna and RF experience, and a proven track record of hands-on antenna design, prototyping, and testing.  Currently I am doing consulting work for several clients from my home in the Carson Valley of Nevada near the east foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where I have a garage with shop tools available for antenna prototyping and a quarter-acre lot which is set up for outdoor antenna testing.  Test capabilities include antenna impedance and pattern measurements up to 6 Ghz.




·        Solutions:  Quite often antennas available for purchase from antenna manufacturers do not provide the needed performance, do not fit within the physical space, or are too expensive for high-volume production.  I strive to examine my client’s needs, and then I use a combination of analysis and prototype measurements to propose a solution unique for the performance, size, and cost constraints.


·        Measurements:  I have the capability for accurate measurements of impedance, radiation patterns, and gain to augment my antenna design and development and also to evaluate a client’s existing antennas when needed.  I use standard calibration techniques for my test equipment, including the three-antenna method for gain standard calibration.


·        Timely Response:  Working at home has the advantage that I am generally free from interruptions such as meetings and “water cooler chats” that typically are a part of an office environment, plus I do not have the commute time.  Therefore I can concentrate my efforts on my clients’ needs and provide relatively quick turnaround for results.


·        Low Cost:  I typically charge by the hour, and I keep very accurate records of my time.  The time I charge to a client is time spent only on that client’s job, and not on other interruptions and distractions.  And, of course, my clients are not paying for office space, computers, benefits, and all the typical overhead expenses for a full-time employee.


·        Communication:  Some problems do not have a workable solution, particularly with antennas.  If I cannot find a good solution within a reasonable time, I will let my client know before spending more of my client’s money.  I find that good communication makes for happy clients!


·        Consulting Agreement:  I have a standard consulting agreement that I offer my clients, or they may provide their own.  Either way I start each new client relationship with a signed agreement before commencing work.






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Photos of my antenna test facilities can be found here.  Photos of some antennas I have designed and built are here.


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