Antenna Design, Prototype, and Test






I have over 40 years of antenna and RF experience, and a proven track record of hands-on antenna design, prototyping, and testing.  Currently I am doing consulting work for several clients from my home in the Carson Valley of Nevada near the east foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where I have a garage with shop tools available for antenna prototyping and a quarter-acre lot which is set up for outdoor antenna testing.  Test capabilities include antenna impedance and pattern measurements up to 6 Ghz.





Experience includes design, development, implementation, testing, and project management of antenna systems of many types, including the following:


·        A low-cost planar array for the subscriber unit of a fixed broadband wireless internet access system.


·        Various embedded antennas for a wireless utility metering network, designed to be manufactured in high volume at low cost.   Over 5 million antennas of my design are in use today in this nationwide network.


·        Planning, coordination, and design layout with a contractor of an anechoic chamber for antenna patterns and radiated emissions measurements.


·        An in-building distributed antenna system for a cellular application.


·        Airborne antennas of many types for military applications.


·        Various satellite and missile antennas for UHF through millimeter wave frequencies.




9/03 – Present     Self Employed Consultant, Gardnerville, NV

                              Antenna Design, Prototype, and Test


9/00 – 8/03          BeamReach Networks, Sunnyvale, CA

                              Antenna Manager


2/95 – 8/00          CellNet Data Systems, San Carlos, CA

                              Senior Antenna Development Engineer


7/86 - 1/95           ESL, Sunnyvale, CA

                              Staff Engineer, Antenna Subsystems Section



6/81 - 6/86           Watkins-Johnson Company, San Jose, CA

                      Member of the Technical Staff, Antenna Department



                              Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Sunnyvale, CA


1/71 - 5/81           Research Specialist/Engineer in RF/Antenna Systems Department


6/67 - 6/70           Engineering Cooperative Student in RF/Antenna Systems Department and in Production Liaison Engineering





University of Illinois, Urbana, IL - BSEE

    Grade Average 4.6/5.0 - Graduated with Honors.



Post College Courses and Symposia:


-          FEKO Electromagnetic Modeling Training Class (2005)

-          Ansoft HFSS Users Workshops and Training Classes (1999 & 2000)

-          UNIX Level 1 and Level 2, American Research Group (1998)

-          Microwave Design for a Wireless World, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Short Course (1994)

-          Presentation Training, Communication Systems Company (1986).

-          Advanced Program Management and Project Leadership, Consulting Resources, Inc., (1986)

-          Electromagnetic Field Theory, University of Santa Clara (1982)

-          Effective Oral Presentations, University of Santa Clara (1982)

-          Communication and Radar Systems, U.C. Berkeley Extension (1979).

-          Microwave Electronics, U.C. Berkeley Extension (1973).






·        "Embedded Antennas – Promises, Pitfalls, and Precautions" - Presented at the Fifth Annual Wireless Symposium, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, February, 1997, and published in Symposium Proceedings.


·        "Wideband Monopulse Antenna Design" - Presented at Allerton Park Antenna Applications Symposium, University of Illinois, September 1985, and published in Symposium Digest.  Also presented to IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter.


·        "Antennas for High Power" - Presented at Watkins-Johnson Company Open House, October 1983.






·        US 6,373,442  “Antenna for a Parking Meter,” Apr. 16, 2002


·        US 6,304,227  “Slot Antenna,” Oct. 16, 2001


·        US 6,288,685  “Serrated Slot Antenna,” Sep. 11, 2001


·        US 4,245,222  “Dual Function Antenna,” Jan. 13, 1981







Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers







Use of network analyzer, antenna pattern test and other RF lab equipment

FEKO electromagnetic modeling

Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC) modeling




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